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Welcome to Red Entertainment.
We are a theatrical production company, creating all work in-house for the theatre market.

Producer Matt Brinkler leads a talented team of production and creative staff in the creation of new and exciting commercial works aimed at bringing new audiences to local theatres.

The company’s primary mission is to reach new audiences currently unconnected with their local theatres and bring them in to enjoy excellent entertainment equal to that of a higher ticket price elsewhere at Stadiums or in the West End. This goal allows our partner theatres to build their databases and reach out for other new and returning productions from RED as well as other visiting companies.

RED Entertainment proudly has its own marketing and social media staff, general management and production team.
We also work closely with the PR team at LipseyPR for some of our top touring shows

Our creatives come from a wide variety of exciting backgrounds from dancing with the stars and West End theatrical royalty to designers of stadium tours for the World’s number 1 artistes. We are immensely proud to have such huge talent to build our productions, which enables us to deliver exemplary quality around the UK and beyond.

RED Entertainment products are high end and commercial. So from our music shows to our musicals, they are commercial-brand related with a great amount of audience appeal.
Types of productions RED Entertainment creates are story telling, children’s theatre, music productions, mini musicals and comedy plays.

The company is in a constant state of growth and becoming a fully-encompassing production house. In the near future we will be including cruise ship production, full stage musical development and a corporate sector for exclusive and custom product creation.

We’re going to paint the town RED. Come and join us.

RED Team

The Team

Matt Brinkler – Executive Producer

Matt has been leading the RED team since 2012 when the company was previously known as MBM. Prior to producing, Matt worked as an Actor for 10 years, which is where he gained insight into every area of the theatrical business and found a keen interest stretching across all of them. The only role that could fulfil his ambition, business mindset and creativity was the Producer. Matt’s goal with RED is to grow the company alongside the theatres, mutually benefiting all parties which in turn produces a better working environment on the UK Touring circuit. Matt is also an avid fan of doughnuts

Lee Waddingham – Associate Producer

Grimsby born Lee is a graduate of the University of Hertfordshire with a BA (Hons) in Performing Arts. He started his career on stage, however it’s off stage where Lee’s career flourished. With 25 years of experience Lee has previously worked for Mountview Academy of Theatre Art’s, The BBC, Capital Radio and as Artistic Director for some of the UK’s leading pantomime production companies, with over 200 individual productions to his credit, starring some of the biggest names from the UK and USA. Lee lists one of his career highlights as stabling two white Shetland ponies at Buckingham Palace for a production of Cinderella at the Westminster theatre, then meeting the Queen and Prince Phillip to discuss pantomime! Yes that did really happen!

Benjamin Alborough – Head of Programming

Benjamin is a producer and programmer with a specific interest in musical comedies. He loves getting involved in new projects, meeting people from all walks of life and is in charge of planning and running RED’s tours. In December 2017 he tried to determine the best adaptation of A Christmas Carol by watching a different version each day of Advent. He called this project “A Chradvent Carolendar” and it almost killed him.

Stephanie Hartland – Production Coordinator

Steph is an aspiring producer with a BA in English Language and Drama, and an MA in Creative Producing. She loves comedy and musical theatre, and hopes to produce theatre of this nature in the future. Steph’s penchant for organisation and coordination is what brought her on board at Red, where she manages our national tours. Despite turning to being backstage, she has a lengthy background in performing, including be a member of the original Little Princess The Musical cast!

Mike Newman Jnr – Production Manager

Mike’s career to date has certainly been varied – For the first 15 years he worked as a Stand-up Comic, Actor, and Singer (But drew the line at trying to dance!) Then in 2009 he went into producing and writing shows himself. After 10 years and with a number of successful tours under his belt, Mike is now asked to work with other producers to bring his knowledge and expertise to their productions. When not working, he can usually be found, being attacked by his 4 year old son Henry! Or being asked to tackle some form of house hold DIY that his wife Kelly has decided should be done. …. (Failing that, he will be hiding in his man cave at the bottom of the garden)

Kayleigh McKnight – Marketing

We recently welcomed Kayleigh back to the RED team after she travelled the World with Hugh Jackman’s arena tour throughout 2019. Kayleigh is a skilled performer with many West End and touring credits to her name but what many people don’t know is that she is also a marketing exec in her other life. Her skills range from social media to graphic design and she’s always ready to highlight a grammatical error. She is very pleased to be part of the RED family and regularly dyes her hair accordingly

Natalie Gray – Social Media

Natalie originally join RED with one of our productions and not only shone as a performer but also as a social media guru. Her prowess with an Insta-pic and a Facebook post quickly brought her onto the team. In her other life, Natalie is a successful singer/songwriter from London and the front woman of 80s inspired pop band L.A.D. She has toured with the likes of David Hasselhoff and supported Mic Lowry, Jake Quickenden, Union J and more. She can usually be found travelling the world looking at her phone (because we love a good social media post!)

Anne Somerville – Accounts

Anne is a freelance accounts administrator who is now on board with Red Entertainment and loving the diversity of the theatre, after a previous life in the engineering world. Having run various companies, she has a tenacious ability to ensure that the financial side of the company is looked after, both for Matt his staff, customers and suppliers. With an avid interest in music, theatre and the arts, working for Red is the perfect partnership .

Judy Lipsey – PR

Judy is the Publicist for RED’s fabulous Shades of the 60s and Hormonal Housewives shows. She began with Cilla & The Shades of the 60s in 2016 and has worked alongside RED on the productions ever since. Judy has worked as a film and music journalist, record company PR and associate producer on 3 British indie films. We asked where Judy was going in life and she said: To the front of the queue! If you get the chance to meet Judy, be warned – if the tea isn’t hot enough it’s going back!

Anima Music – Music Preparation

Anima Music UK Ltd specialise in custom music preparation working with clients and individuals across the entertainment industry, with experience in theatre, cruise, live music and recording studios. After the success of Wannabe, Dusty & Cilla, Anima continue to work with Red Entertainment on their newly developed music products.

Whether you’re a venue manager, a show lover or interested in developing a show with us… Get in touch

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