Long before Peter Pan met Wendy, Tinker Bell had a story of her own. 

Fleeing Neverland, Tinker Bell and her friends find refuge in London’s Kensington Gardens alongside a group of fairies as alike as they are different. As outcasts so far from home, they must face the challenges of a new world and use their collective strength to overcome adversity.

Set during the scientific revolution of Victorian England, our heroes must take control of the situation before they are discovered, and their way of life destroyed forever.

This groundbreaking new musical sets out to change hearts and minds in a moving reflection of the modern day, presented in a fairytale Victorian world of magic and wonder.

Discover something incredible in Tinker Bell the Musical. Do you believe in fairies?

Dream Big. Then Dream Bigger.

Workshop Directors:
Anna Fox & Lisa Millar
Assistant Director:
Ayoade Bamgboye
Written By:
Carey-Hills & Hendricks
General Management:
Jack Maple
Produced by:
Red Entertainment

Original London Workshop Cast 

Alice Fearn, Oliver Savile, Courtney Bowman, Bree Smith, Tosh Wanogho-Maud, Miracle Chance, Patrick Munday, Charlie Kristensen, Beth Hinton-Lever, Cavan Malone, Sadie Harris, Kyle Birch, Gwïon Morris Jones, Ying Ue Li, Faye Wheeler, Matthew Ellis and Harriet Caplan Dean

Other Palace, London Workshop:

Alice Fearn, Beth Hinton-Lever, Carl Man, Chloe Hart, Courtney Bowman, Gavin Alex, Julian Brett, Laura Baldwin, Malachi Ayantuga, 
Mervin Noronha, supported by the West End Gospel Choir


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